DownWrite Special                                       January/February 1999

Dear DownWrite Special:
When my son, Ian, was born on March 7,1990, it was a joyous day.
He was born premature, just shy of six pounds. As single mom, I found the hospital was very sympathetic when they told me that Ian had been born with Down syndrome.
I was just excited to bring him home and show him

Ian Macleod,8, left and his sister,Jheri,6,
give each other a big hug.

off to my friends and family. The nursing staff, however, insisted that I receive a caseworker to help me deal with my loss. Needless to say, I was very insulted but I played the game anyway.
Every day I feel blessed to have this loving, giving child in our lives.
Ian has a living sister, Jheri, who helps him with his homework and coaches him on appropriate behavior. Ian loves baseball, swimming, and motor boats.
His biggest challenge, to-date, has been his speech impairment. I have had to numerous government agencies. I have found that they assess, assess and assess again without any programs being set up to help him develop these skills.
Several months ago, I found a God send.
A friend of my referred me to Yevgenia (Eugenia) Pruday, in Toronto.
Yevgenia was educated and trained in Russia. Her methodology is quite unique to anyone that I have dealt with here over the past eight years. (Editors note: Yevgenia is also a licensed Ontario teacher specializing in special education and speech.)
She practices verbal aerobics to strengthen the tongue and facial muscles. We also study sentence and verb structure.
The other fabulous thing is that the $80 per ½ hour session that I was receiving, Yevgenia charges very reasonable price.
If your child requires this type of assistance, please call Yevgenia at 905-763-9987. This is in the Bathurst and Steeles area.

                                                                                               Kim MacLeon
                                                                                               Mississauga, Ontario


DownWrite Special                                                                    November/December 2000

Our son Biagino was born on September 2,1993. It was a joyous day. On the second day of his life, in not so many words, we were told that our son had all the signs of a child with Down syndrome. We were send to the Genetics Clinic for some blood work and were told that in two weeks we would know for sure. We refused to believe and prayed that our son would be normal. How could this have happened? I was only 28 and this only happened to women over 40. We read everything we could get our hands on but still hoped that the doctors were wrong. When that day finally arrived, we forced to accept what we did not want to hear.
Biagino is a loving; giving, humorous child and we feel blessed to have him in our lives. He has taught us a lot. He loves school and is a social butterfly. He greets everyone with a smile and a hullo. He enjoys being with his friends and playing outdoors. He is now seven and has a babysitter, Christina, whom he adores. Biagino spends a lot of his time helping her sister and making her laugh. It is such a joy to watch them together.
His biggest challenge to date has been his speech impairment. He has been assessed and reassessed by numerous speech therapists/agencies and unfortunately nothing has been done with the assessments. Why must all these written assessments be done if they are going to be ignored?
About a year ago we found a wonderful speech therapist, Yvgenia (Euginia) Pruday. Her methodology is quite unique and very to that of others. For the whole session she practiced verbal aerobics to strengthen the tongue and facial muscles, as well as correcting his articulation problems. She also studies sentences structure and verb structure with our son. Yevgenia actually spends time helping our son instead of doing assessments.
Yvgenia was educated and trained in Russia. She is also a licensed Ontario teacher specializing in special education and speech.
Biagino has come a long way in the past year. He is much more capable of communicating with others. It is very rewarding to watch him talk to others and have them understand what he is trying to communicate. If your child requires this type of assistance, please call (905)763-9987. She is in the Bathurst/Steeles area.

Vicky Iamascia
Etobicoke, Ontario



DownWrite Special                                                                                July/August 2002

My son Patrick is a lovely young man. He is fun, loving, sociable and engaging 14-year-old. The only difference between Pat and other teenagers is that he was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth.
This year Pat has started attending Dante Alighieri Academy. One of our biggest challenges has been and remains, the job of getting teachers and principles to see the potential in Pat. Because of his inability to articulate clearly and make himself understood, people tend to underestimate him. We are very fortunate to have found a speech teacher to help us with his articulation problems.
Euginia Pruday is a teacher of speech and special education. She combines European methodology and the North American approach to the childs education. Her speech programs are individually designed. She also works on speech and language development with children.
We have used other specialists in the past few years. They were very helpful when Patrick was in the language development stage. But once he has developed enough language, we were not able to understand him. Euginia has helped with his articulation of words and now we can understand him. She has also given us strategies to allow us to help with his articulation problems.
If your child needs this kind of assistance, consider calling Euginia at

                                                                                                             Grace Ratatore

University of Toronto

                                                                                                               May 31,2002

To Whom It May Concern

Dear sir/madam

This letter is to support Mrs. Euginia Pruday and express my confidence in her unique, European-style approach to correct childrens speech-related problems. My wife and I first met Euginia in the fall of 2000. We heard of Euginia by chance through her advertisement in a newspaper. My son was seven at that time. He had articulation problems as well as some other, less alarming difficulties.

Before meeting Euginia , we had had been visiting other specialists in this field for more then two years. Even though these specialists were very conscientious and highly responsible professionals, the progress with the development of our sons speaking kills was rather slow. In my opinion, this slow process might be related to not very well optimized and rather unstructured used by traditional North American schools of speech therapy.

The situation drastically improved after we started to see Mrs. Praday on a systematic basis; approximately, once a week. The healing effect was truly spectacular. My sons problems practically disappeared in six to seven months. Now it is virtually impossible to notice anything unusual when my son speaks. Nevertheless, we continue to see Euginia regularly since we still seek her guidance in final polishing my sons speaking skills.

I do not have any doubt that traditional approaches to speech correction have proven effective and useful for a large pull of North American children. However, based on our positive experience with Mrs. Pruday, I would urge considering some elements of European schools to the practice of North American speech therapists. Some children may respond remarkably well to a combination of European and North American techniques. In this respect, unique expertise of Euginia, who has extensive working experiences in Europe, Israel, and Canada, is truly invaluable.

In closing, my wife and I consider us lucky that we met Mrs. Pruday. We are grateful to this compassionate and dedicated professional, while her input can hardly be overestimated. I strongly, recommend making use of Mrs. Prudays expertise in further development of concepts and practices of speech therapy in Canada.

Thank you for considering this letter. Should you need any further information regarding this letter of support, please contact me at Alternatively, you may directly contact Mrs. Pruday at 905-763-9987.

Sincerely yours,

Tigran V. Chalikian, Ph.D
Associate Professor

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