Do you know that the first years of life are very important for the childs development? But what if your child is a special needs child? Your duty as a parent is not easy. You still want to open that big and beautiful world for him that might be as tricky as the famous mirror of Alice in Wonderland! You are certainly not alone, and we are here to help you.

Our unique speech therapist Eugenia, with degrees from both European and Canadian Universities, gladly shares over 20 years of experience and success in
correction of a variety of speech disorders in children and grown ups. A person of any age can benefit from her unique qualifications! She adopted and improved very effective European methodology.

Do you know that 40% of a childs brain cells will die if they are not properly stimulated during the first few years of his life? In some cases, you have to know how to reeducate certain brain pathways to improve its efficiency. In our school, we have been doing it for so many years! We can help you too!

If you are interested, please call Eugenia Pruday, MA, Specialist of Speech Development, Correction of articulation problems, and special education, a Member of Association of Speech Therapists in Europe with a Certificate of Qualification from the Ontario College of Teachers at (905) 763-99-87 or (416) 471-1084.


We believe in a client centered approach!
Welcome to our world of enormous challenges and rewarding results.
We offer every student all our vast experience, tremendous motivation and scientific knowledge to each specific problem.

We are very result oriented!
Our greatest sense of achievement stems from seeing our students improve and acknowledging how far they have come.
In our practice we access a wide variety of speech and language disorders such as:

Speech development and recovery for kids with:

  • Down Syndrome

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Global Developmental Delay

  • Autism(mild forms) etc.
  • Correction of articulation problems and complete recovery in most cases

    Successful implementation of the program to prepare speech delay children for school.

    Correction of speech problems caused by hearing disorders

    We take the greatest pride in our achievements and hope to be of a real help for our students.

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